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What’s the Oxy-Gen Advantage?

 Oxy-Gen has been the nation’s leading manufacturer in natural supplements that help your horse work harder, perform better, and train better than ever.

 *Superior Muscle Development
*Increased Stamina
*Faster Recovery from exertion
*Improved respiration, safe and drug-free

Where do our product ideas come from?

Experts in the field!

  • Oxy-Gen works closely with experts, listen to the needs for their animals and develop product to meet their needs and improve their animal’s health.
  • We combine animal nutrition, animal husbandry, and feed manufacturing know how to develop each and every product we make.
  • We know that a good product won’t live up to its potential if an animal doesn’t eat it. That’s why each and every Oxy-Gen product is first formulated to be very palatable. Once we know what the animal will eat, we then use modern technology to manufacture a high quality, state of the art product.

Our success comes as any lasting success should: one satisfied customer at a time.

For more information:

Please contact
Rosie Bradley (405) 880-3049