Hear from some of the top competitors in the equine industry and why they use the Oxy-Gen products.

“I am thoroughly impressed with your products- My bay Dr. Nick Bar ran back to back and got .6 faster on the second run, my mare also felt awesome on the Silver and Oxy-02, she ran hard and had air after the run, and as hot as it was it was a great test!”Nicki Zimmerman, Stephenville, TX

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 5.50.48 PM“Thank you Rosie Bradley for introducing me to the Oxygen Silver! Just My Choice wins the 1D by .3 at the Big Tex Barrel Race!” – Molly Childers, Mead, OK

“So I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t believe you when you told me the “Oxy-Zen” would replace the Guanabenz that I was giving my horse. I have to apologize because I gave it and he won his first 1D check! Then the next week with the Zen I WON the entire barrel race! He was able to focus so much better but didn’t feel sedated like he did with Guanabenz. In all my years running barrels the Oxy-gen products are the first I have found that REALLY work! Thank you so much for your help.” –  Shannon Gattis, Ratcliff City, AR

oxygen- texas- horses-supplement-michele mcleod
“I can’t thank you and the Oxygen products (Oxy-Ulcer, Oxy-Max, Intensive Hoof Therapy and Jailbreak GI) enough! So far they have healed ulcers and brought my inconsistant bucking horse to where he even ran in the 1D at a D&G Barrel race! He has gained a lot of muscle bulck back and his entire attitude is better. The Hoof Support has really helped my other horse, the vet said on Friday that we have an entire new healthy hoof wall! I have been battling his feet for the past 3.5 years and so far your supplement has helped me tremendously! Thank you so much!” – Jammie Tinker, Indianola, OK

Jana Bean with testimonial

“Kodi’s run today was almost 1 second faster than last week! She was in the top 10 out of over 60 girls! Thank you Oxy-Max!” – Kim Ferguson, Whitesboro, TX

“In my trailer I’m hauling everything from Futurity Colts, Derby and open horses up and down the road. I need a product that is beneficial to all of those horses needs of Anti-inflammatory, stomach buffer and wellness of lung function. That’s where Take No Prisoners comes into play in my barn. It’s my go to product.” —Kimmi Byler, TX

 “Rosie Bradley, I wanted to tell you how much we love the Relax Pellets and Paste. We have use the pellets on mine and my husband’s horses and really lied the results. However we used the paste for the first time this past weekend. WOW!! Nothing I mean nothing, has worked on my gelding, but Relax has made such a difference! Thank you for introducing me to a product that WORKS!!” – Devon Bouldin, Texas


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