oxy-max, oxy-gen, texas oxy-genOxy-Max is a pelleted daily top dress supplement designed to address the complete supplemental needs of the equine athlete.

Designed to treat and prevent equine ulcers, both gastric (“fore gut”) and duodenal (“hind gut”), Oxy-Max works without expensive drugs. Conventional treatments for the hind gut require acid to develop a healing coating over the ulcer, while treatments for the fore gut work by stopping acid production. These treatments conflict with each other.

Oxy-Max was developed in conjunction with Ed and Martha Wright, and their testing has shown dramatic improvements in their horses across the board.

Oxy-Max starts with our Original Oxy-Gen formula and then we utilize a select group of vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and probiotics which act in concert to create the optimum environment for proper digestion, improving your horse’s health. It also has the effect of helping your horse become more focused and easier to train.

When your horse is feeling good and not hindered by digestive issues, they become more attentive, have a better attitude, and are more receptive to training and learning.

The joint maintenance ingredients are pH balanced and cells are triggered to increase absorption; improving your horse’s comfort and ability to perform.

Oxy-Max is safe, natural and drug free. Feed at the rate of 6 oz ( one full scoop) twice per day for 7 days. Then feed 3 oz (1/2 scoop) twice per day. Oxy-Max is available in 60 and 133 dose packages.

For your convenience, Oxy-Max™ comes in two sizes—

24 lb, 60-day Supply – $140.00

50 lb, 150-day supply – $250.00

Ulcer Special: Buy a 50# Max and 3 tubes/Oxy Ulcer for $500.00

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