What is Equine 7?



Equine 7 products are natural, drug-free products designed to replace specific, named pharmaceuticals, and are guaranteed to perform as well or better than the named drug, without the unwanted side effects. The most common performance horse pharmaceuticals used today are Adequan®, Legend®, GastroGard®, Dexamethasone®, Regu-Mate®, Isoxsuprine®, Ventipulmin® and sedative promazines.

The overall long-term health of our animals should be of the highest concern. Our animals are not only important and valuable members of our family but they are also a valuable asset, and their health and long-term viability as a competitor is a priority.

Equine 7 products are natural by design and have none of the negative side effects such as increased bleeding, lack of focus, organ damage or brittle bones associated with pharmaceuticals—and we’re so confident about the performance of this exclusive line of equine supplements meeting with your satisfaction that we offer a money-back guarantee!

Learn more about this premium line of supplements, exclusively from Oxy-Gen.

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